What is the turnaround time?
The average turnaround time for fuel and water pumps right now is 3 weeks. If your pump is somewhat complex, it may take longer.
How do I send my pump to you?

Please print out our packing slip and complete in full. Providing an email address will result in a quicker turnaround time with our billing department. Be sure to package your pump with protective packing materials such as packing paper or foam (or as Parker says, ‘pack your pump as you would Grandma’s China’). Make sure to include your packing slip in the box. Ship all pumps to our address at 120 River Road; Rutland, MA 01543.

What shipping company do you recommend?
We receive packages from all of the major carriers including USPS, UPS and Fed Ex. Because we receive several packages a day, we cannot call every customer to confirm that we have received their package. If you are shipping a pump of value, please utilize the shipping companies insurance and tracking.
How do I know when my pump is done and how do I pay?
When we complete your pump, we will email you an invoice via Quickbooks. You will have the option to pay that invoice with a credit card or bank account. We have been using Quickbooks payments for over 10+ years and it is one of the safest ways to pay your bill. There is no difference in if you call and provide a credit card over the phone or pay via the invoice online, both are processed through Quickbooks and provide the same level of security.
Do you sell rebuilding kits?
My water pump was just rebuilt and it leaks.
The first thing is to see if your pump has a packing nut. If it does, then you need to tighten it every now and then to seal the pump. If you don’t have a packing type pump, try running the car for about 5 minutes to see if the leaking stops. The carbon seal needs to break in to seal perfectly some times.

Let's Get Started

If you have a pump you need to send to us for repair, please download our packing slip by clicking the button below. If you have questions, please contact us.