AG Rebuilders

Established in 1970, AG Rebuilders (formerly known as Arthur Gould Rebuilders) is the industry leader in the rebuilding of mechanical fuel and water pumps for antique automobiles, industrial equipment and marine applications. AG Rebuilders restores fuel pumps from the year 1927 to 1970 and water pumps from 1900 to present. We rebuild pumps for all of the major car companies, foreign and domestic.

In 2017, Arthur Gould Rebuilders relocated from Long Island to its current location in central Massachusetts. At AG Rebuilders, we strive to provide the quality service that has been associated with the Arthur Gould name for the last 50 years.

We also specialize in rebuilding all different types of industrial water pumps and fuel pumps. We service pumps from vehicles and machinery such as Perkins, Mack, Ford Industrial, Waukesha, Hercules, International, Onan, etc. – from forklifts, generators, fire trucks and other large and small equipment.

We also offer rebuilding services on many types of marine water pumps and fuel pumps including the Volvo AQseries marine water pumps. Rebuilding these pumps is a more affordable alternative to replacing for new. We use all marine grade stainless steel components in our marine water pump rebuilds.

Rebuilding Process

Rebuilding Process-Upon arrival, all pumps are inspected. If we notice anything broken or out of the ordinary, we will give you a call. We have thousands of cores in stock and are most times able to replace parts as necessary. Pumps are disassembled and sand blasted. During reassembly we replace soft parts with ethanol fuel compatible materials. For water pumps, all bushing and shaft components are inspected and replaced or machined when necessary. We only use American made (when available), quality parts in our pumps. Water pumps are primer painted to protect the pump and provide a clean finish for paint. Fuel pumps are clear coated to protect the finish. Once your pump is complete, we will email you your invoice for payment.


All of our pumps are guaranteed a fast turnaround time and are covered with a one year conditional warranty. Our 50 plus years of experience in the antique car, marine and industrial markets make our service number one. If you are ready to ship out your water pump or fuel pump, click below to download the packing slip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before calling us, please visit our FAQ page to help answer all of your pump questions.

Looking to Sell a Fuel Pump or Water Pump?

We are always interested in purchasing fuel pump and water pump cores. Please feel free to Contact Us and let us know what you have available.